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Better Homes and Gardens New Grilling Book: Charcoal, Gas, Smokers, Indoor Grills, Turkey Fryers, Rotisseries (Better Homes & Gardens Cooking)

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Tips for Wood Chips in Your Vertical Smoker

Tips for Wood Chips in Your Vertical Smoker

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Home Page > Health > Tips for Wood Chips in Your Vertical Smoker

Tips for Wood Chips in Your Vertical Smoker

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Posted: Nov 29, 2010 |Comments: 0


There are a few big questions for the newbie looking to buy a smoker. First is what kind of smoker? Vertical smoker? Horizontal offset ? Kettle? Charcoal, gas, or electric ? For simplicity, I recommend a vertical smoker for novices . They’re simple and relatively cheap. It’s easy to figure out where the chips and charcoal go, where the water goes and where the meat goes.

Your next big question, and this one is not answered nearly as easily, is what type of wood chips should you get ? That depends on what kind of meat you are smoking and what taste you’re looking for. One of the most popular is mesquite. Often, meats you find at the store are smoked with either mesquite or hickory. It’s everywhere and almost synonymous with barbecuing. A couple things about mesquite, though. Most importantly , ensure your wood chips are aged enough . Wet or green mesquite will add a bitter taste to the meat. If the wood don’t feel dry or do not snap crisply, let them dry longer. Second, mesquite can be a strong smoke , depending on your taste, so do a little experimenting with temperatures and smoking times to find which combination suits your palate.

Oak is also tough since it leaves a heavy smoked flavor, so you’ll definitely have to experiment before you serve it to your family or try to impress someone. Also, have a backup dinner plan on your first try . But using some red oak, which has a sweeter flavor , with an accent wood can add a great flare to your ribs .

Hickory is a popular medium wood that most people are familiar with. Everything from cheese to bacon to jerky can be hickory smoked .

Lighter woods, especially many fruit tree wood, are easier and can actually be a good way to start out. Apple and cherry woods are light with fruity undertones and it’s hard to over-smoke your meats with them. They are good with ham, pork, poultry, or salmon . Alder is another lighter, sweeter wood, generally found up North . It’s good for poultry, pork, game, and fish .

Pecan is a unique an interesting wood, but not easy to use by itself . It can leave a very sweet taste , so it’s best used as an enhancer than as a solo wood. The other fruit woods, such as apple and cherry , are good mixers as well. Just add a few chips into the heavier smoker woods, such as mesquite, oak, or hickory, and you\’ll have a complex, smoky flavor.

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Rare Rigby
About the Author:

Landmann USA is a premier manufacture of Vertical Smokers. We also have a great selection of Patio Fire Pits.


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Tips for Wood Chips in Your Vertical Smoker

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Nov 29, 2010

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Landmann USA is a premier manufacture of Vertical Smokers. We also have a great selection of Patio Fire Pits.

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