How To Avoid The 5 Most Common Mistakes Weekend Grillers Make When Grilling Hamburgers


If you are like me, Summer isn’t quite Summer until you smell those first hamburgers grilling on a warm afternoon. The best thing is, like all good lazy Summer food, these little packets of flavor super-easy to make. Grab a pound of ground chuck and a bag of buns, fire up the grill and in no time you are enjoying a true taste of the season. But, even though they are super-easy to make you can mess them up just as easily. Be sure to avoid these 5 common burger mistakes weekend grillers make.

The best thing is that these 5 grilling mistakes are super-easy to avoid.

The Big 5 Mistakes of Grilling Burgers

These are listed in order of the grilling process — from start to finish.

Mistake #1. Buying Inferior Quality Meat

Simple solution to this one — Skip the pre-packaged “who-knows-what’s-in-there” ground meat in the display case and head for the ground chuck instead. Or even better, choose a good looking piece of chuck — or even steak, if your wallet can swing it — and let your butcher grind it up for you while you wait. This is the best way to be 100% sure that you have top quality meat for your superior burger..

Mistake #2. Picking Meat That Doesn’t Have Enough Fat

I know that we all want — and need — to eat fat and get healthier. But trust me — Now is NOT the time to do it. Ground meat — even good meat — that is too lean will produce dry, tough burgers and there is now amount of grilling magic that will help it. Purchase meat that is at least 15 to 20% fat. Look for the label or sticker that says 80 to 85% lean meat.

Mistake #3. Working the Raw Patties Too Much

The perfect burger should be loose and juicy. Working the meat too much while you are forming the patties will result in dry and hard burgers.

Mistake #4. Flipping the Burgers Too Often on the Grill

You should turn the burgers ONE time. Cook the first side — Flip — Cook the second side.

Mistake #5. The Absolute Worst and Most Common Mistake of Them All — Pressing Down on the Burgers While They are Grilling

Here’s an idea — if you like dry, tough burgers, go ahead and press you spatula down on them while they are grilling . That will press out all the juice — what we like to call “flavor” — and you’ll be left with your perfect dry, tough burger.

Just don’t do it.

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