How To Complete Your Grill With Weber Grill Accessories

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One of the signals of summer is the smell of a backyard cookout. Grilling is one of America’s favorite past times. Using Weber grill accessories will help to make any cookout fast and simple.

One thing to keep in mind is protecting your grill. Weber sells different types of covers to do just that. You can choose from the standard cover or the premium cover. Protecting your grill from the weather will help to extend your grill life.

When grilling, your tools are essential. Many times you may have to run back and forth to keep the tools safe and clean. This is not necessary using Weber’s tool holder. This attaches to the side of your grill and holds all your spatulas, forks, and other tools needed. Another addition is the work table. This is great for holding your platters or trays when your cooking out.

Frequent use of our grill may cause your cooking grates or charcoal grates to deteriorate. You can buy just the replacement grates instead of having to buy a new grill. This will make your current grill last a little longer.

When cooking the meat on the grill, it is very important to cook it thoroughly. Some choose to cut into the meat to test if it is done. Doing this will release the juices in the meat and cause it to be dry. One way to do this is by using the Weber dual purpose thermometer. Another option is the six and one half inch digital thermometer. This comes with a case to protect it as well.

Sometimes after you have started cooking, you need to add charcoal. This can be difficult unless you have the hinged grate. Weber offers this as an option. Simply place the meat on one side of the grate and lift the other. You can then safely add the charcoal. Weber also offers a charcoal fuel holder to handle indirect cooking. You can use this to slow cook a larger piece of meat to keep from burning it. A lot of people use lighter fluid to start their charcoal. Weber offers a safe alternative to lighter fluid. Their rapid fire chimney starter will help to get your charcoal started. Place a some crumpled newspapers in the bottom of the grill. Place the charcoal inside the chimney and the chimney on top of the newspapers. Light the newspapers. This will help to start the charcoal.

Cooking on your grill doesn’t mean that you simply grill. Weber offers accessories to do other types of cooking. They have a roast holder and a rotisserie. They also offer a rib rack to cook those ribs easily. Another option is called the poultry roaster. Use this to make the beer can chicken without the use of a beer can.

Keeping your grill clean is another way to cook safe. Weber offers two different styles of cleaning brushes. They have a brush/scrapper combination that comes in twelve and eighteen inch options. They also offer a three sided grill brush to clean with as well.

Making your summer grilling experiences enjoyable is one thing that Weber grill accessories can do. Whether it be a large birthday party or just a small weeknight cookout, grilling is a fantastic way to enjoy summertime cooking.

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