Many Different Weber Char Broil Grill Parts

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Many more Americans are into recycling these days and saving something that is older is a good idea. There are now several different Weber Char Broil Grill Parts offered in order to replace parts that are either broken or not functioning properly due to the wear and tear of time. These pieces that will save a grillers machine from the landfill can be found online or in special hardware stores.

One of the most replaced parts in any of the grillers is the heat plates. The 7000045 Char-broil Heat Plate measures 11 3/4″ x 5 5/8″ and will replace the factory original of the same size. There are vents in the top of this heat plate so the steam is released. They are also called ‘flame tamers’ and each grill will have either three or four of them depending on the model. Some companies will sell this item in a package of three or four at a discount.

The Performance and Advantage styles of charbroil machines have a stainless steel style heat plate that could be replaced with a newer model if need be. Model CBHP1 Char-broil S/S with measurements of 11 3/4″ x 5 5/8″ can replace several different kinds of burners on various model grills.

The number 7000277 Char-broil burner carryover tube fits burners CBPCI and CBP1 in addition to the heat plate 7000045/flame tamer. These carryover tube burners will be sold in replacement packages of three or four. It could also be used on the Char-broil Performance grill model 461350805.

In addition to the grill pieces, there are cooking units that are easily attached to a gas cooking machine to enhance its performance. There is a cook grid set that is used in various barbeque machines and will become a substitute for models 80005724 and 80005665. This piece will also fit the MCM 66652, the Uniflame, Kenmore and Thermos grill machines and the Char-broil G515-0059-W1. It is model number 66652, the Char-broil Porcelain cast iron cook grid two piece set. It measures 18 1/4″ x 13 1/8″ each piece which means totally it has a measurement of 18 1/4″ x 26 1/4″.

There will be times when the rest of the meal is not fully prepared, therefore a Char-broil warming rack would fit nicely into the evening’s dinner plans. There are currently over 30 Performance models which will fit the number 7000181 size. Advantage series of grills only has two separate grills this model number will fit on. There are many more of the Performance machines than the Advantage although both seem to be fairly popular with grill-masters everywhere.

Many times the legs are too small on Char-broil grill and they could use a ‘lift’. This would be possible with leg extenders, in sets of two, model number 7000230. These leg extenders are used in over 45 different models in the Performance series and four different models in the Advantage grillers.

There are so many different Weber Char Broil Grill parts for various unique grilling machines that for a good fit, it is important for one to check with the owners manual first. Some of the replacement pieces are needed because the machines have been used over and over again, which is a good thing. There are other times new piece to the barbeque machine is required because of damage due to wind, rain or other natural type storms if the machines are left out in the elements.

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