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Big Green EggIf you are a grill fanatic, you’ve almost certainly discovered the Big Green Egg grill. It is a ceramic bbq grill which can be used as a bbq grill, smoker and also a brick oven. It really is so adaptable you could create everything from hamburgers and steaks and other traditional grill foods to desserts, breads and also pizza.

Eggheads can’t live without the Big Green Egg, but you might be wondering what makes the Egg (as it’s fondly called) out-shine other barbeque grills.

Probably the greatest difference is the appearance. The Big Green Egg is well, green and the same shape as an egg. Although I can’t say the reason why it’s green, I will point out that the egg shape appeared to be created (purposely) to grant the power to regulate and maintain the heat in the grill a lot better than other grills.

The next most important difference is the material the grill is made of. Rather than being made using metal, the Big Green Egg has thick ceramic walls. Ceramic is a lot more long lasting as compared to other materials, meaning the Egg will last longer than other grills and smokers, it can be cooked on year long (even with unusually cold temperatures). It is also safer than other grills, especially if there are kids running around, because the ceramic exterior stays much cooler compared to regular metal bbq grills plus you always grill with the lid down, therefore you never have to be concerned with flare-ups.

There are several other differences but certainly one of my favorite features may be the following the Big Green Egg has. You will discover Egg fans and gatherings all over the united states, and Eggheads are excited to share their stories, helpful hints in addition to recipes at gatherings and also on the Egghead forum. I can’t think of any other grill that has such a following.

I will admit, the Egg has a few negatives when compared to other bbq grills. For instance, it’s not a cheap grill. You could pay approximately $700 for the large Big Green Egg. Additionally, you’ll want to use lump wood charcoal, which is not always readily available and can be quite a bit more costly than traditional charcoal briquettes. The Big Green Egg also has a smaller cooking surface area compared to many gas grills, which means you are going to need to have a back-up bbq grill if you are cooking for lots of people.

However, the versatility of the Big Green Egg, the capability to grill, smoke or even bake with your Egg, and the amazing results you will get (the Egg is quite forgiving, even for newbie cooks) are worth the price tag. If you are a bbq fan and you do a good deal of smoking in addition to grilling you’ll really enjoy the quality and the results you get using the Big Green Egg.

If you are a barbecue fanatic you will love the quality and the results you get with the Big Green Egg grill. For more reasons why the Big Green Egg Smoker is our favorite grill, as well as Big Green Egg accessories you must have, see below.

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